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Dr. Higgs experience has identified the frequently asked questions (FAQs).
These are -

1. Why use Dr. Higgs instead of another Medico-Legal company?

  • Choosing the right expert for your case is critical, you know that. You deal with Dr. Higgs directly and personally.
  • Your letter of instruction goes directly to RH and not to a third party.
  • You can contact RH to clarify points at any time.
  • The fees are directly agreed between yourself and RH.
  • The report is only archived by Dr. Higgs and not by any other third (frequently non- medical) party. Only some members of Dr. Higgs' staff have authority to access the reports. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Dr. Higgs is not influenced by any third party to change or modify reports to suit either the Plaintiff or the Defendant. He retains a reputation for providing an independent assessment.

2. Can I be sure I will get a high quality Report?

The quality of the brief is inextricably linked with the output of any report. Dr. Higgs is qualified in three separate areas, Medicine, Engineering and Law. This is particularly relevant in cases involving Medical/Surgical Implant issues and with Traffic and Industrial incidents, where Engineering, Legal and Medical opinions may be required.

3. What is the standard cost of a Report?

Unless there is more than average or usually expected documentation, that requires extra reading and/or research, or there is more than one injury, the gazetted fees are enforced ( for Work and Motor Accident cases). Other matters are charged at an hourly rate. An estimate of fees can be provided before any report process is commenced if requested. If your Client has placed a cap on fees then you must let us know of this before any work is commenced.

4. What is the waiting time for an appointment and final report?

The current waiting time for an appointment for a client is 4-6 weeks. As a rule the report is usually sent within 2 weeks of the consultation. A faster or urgent response time can be achieved in matters for our regular clients when advised of the need.

5. Does Dr. Higgs provide reports for Medical Negligence or Malpractice Cases?

These matters are usually document-based reports where a consultation with the client is not generally required. Dr. Higgs is able to interview and examine your client and each case will be considered by Dr. Higgs on an individual basis before he will agree to become involved as there can be cases where there might be a conflict of interest.


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