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Overseas Clients.

Dr. Higgs has been retained by PIAB (Ireland) and a number of Law firms in the United Kingdom for medico-legal opinions. The patient is usually a British/Irish National currently living or visiting Australia. These clients have often been involved in a prolonged legal process and are in need of an ongoing assessment whilst they are in Australia. By having their medical opinion undertaken in Australia, both the patient and the client are saved time and money as a journey back to United Kingdom/Ireland is avoided

Another group of clients are Australians who have visited the UK, sustained an injury there, and are now back living in Australia permanently. Time and money, again is saved by having the report conducted in Australia.

Communication for such reports is usually via email, between the Overseas based lawyers and RH. The final report is of course posted in hard copy form. Fees are in Pounds Stirling or in Euros. The fees vary with the complexity of the documentation and the case but are usually between €150-€650.

Other international clients are usually attracted from the unique area of Dr. Higgs’ special expertise, which combines Medicine, Engineering and Law which is concerned with issues of Product Liability in relation to Medical/Surgical Therapeutic Products

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